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Examination of school teachers in the Department of Painting Asagaya (Associate Member) and student (member) started the "ASANOKAI" Since its launch in 1978 the Department of Painting in the school as the school year, became the core of its graduates, and speakers Review Committee Committee, and has been expanding the range of activities and presentations in Osaka and Ginza.
30 years, every year "ASANOKAI Exhibition" also was able to hold a warm and encouraging everyone to seeing you this kindly crucially solved our thanks and gratitude for guidance.
Past few years "ASANOKAI" being good to each other inspired other artists joined the art school graduates Asagaya agree with the spirit of our members working hard to produce the same one.


In 1974, student of School of Art Painting Department Asagaya exam (13 members) and instructors (10members) Committee to study the paintings by "ASANOKAI" formed. 1st ASANOKAI Exhibition was held. (Gallery Bungeishunju)
1975, 2nd ASANOKAI Exhibition. (Gallery Bungeishunju)
1976, 3rd ASANOKAI Exhibition.(GINZA YOKYO HALL, Held at the Hall every year since. )
1981, 1st Exhibition Osaka ASANOKAI selection.(Museum of Modern Art Umeda, until 1995)
1983, 10th Anniversary Exhibition ASANOKAI. (Tokyo Central Museum)
1984, 11th ASANOKAI Exhibition.(GINZA YOKYO HALL, Held at the Hall every year since. )
1989, ASANOKAI Associate Member Exhibition. (Art Center and Gallery Taimei until 1995)
1993, 20th Anniversary ASANOKAI Exhibition (Tokyo Central Museum)
1994, 21st ASANOKAI Exhibition (GINZA YOKYO HALL, Held at the Hall every year since. )
2003, 30th Anniversary Exhibition ASANOKAI (GINZA YOKYO HALL)
2005, 1st ASANOKAI Ningyo-cho Exhibition Conference (Ningyo-cho vision's until 2008)
2007, ASANOKAI Web site opened.
2012, ASANOKAI Web site moved.


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